Orange Customers Empowered By The XLBrowser

Orange Customers Empowered By The XLBrowser!
Mobile-XL provides Camaroonians a complete solution to address the oppressive digital divide by delivering critical access to information, entertainment and social networking

LOS ANGELES, November 9, 2009 – Mobile-XL, a thriving mobile technology company, today announced the highly anticipated official nationwide launch of its XLBrowser (branded XL Live in Cameroon) in Cameroon by Orange, the leading telecommunications company operating in Cameroon.

At the nationally-televised launch ceremony, CEO Kamgaing-Kouam, a native of Cameroon, now a US citizen living in California, spoke to local press at a University forum on new media: “I am extremely proud to be able to bring the XLBrowser to Cameroon. Living in the US, one of the most developed economies in the world, we understand just how critical access to information has become and its power for creating significant opportunity. It’s amazing to witness how the XLBrowser service is unleashing the potential of so many mobile consumers. We are poised and excited for our future expansion throughout Africa and other emerging markets where the internet remains out of reach for the masses. It is truly a privilege to bring something this valuable back to my native country with Orange as a partner.”

According to Valerie Tiacoh, Chief Marketing Officer, Orange Cameroon, “This is an exciting launch for Orange, Mobile-XL and the people of Cameroon. We expect the XLBrowser will revolutionize the way people access information on their mobile devices and we are proud to be the first to bring this service to the people of Cameroon. The benefits are clear and endless: people will finally have the same level of access to information that the rest of the world takes for granted and in a convenient and affordable way.  But more importantly, with this partnership, we are incentivizing our customers to get involved and help us build the digital content ecosystem that will ultimately benefit all Cameroonian citizens.”

Mobile-XL’s XLBrowser, a proprietary mobile software application, is a revolutionary, yet affordable, mobile phone application that utilizes SMS to provide instant access to valuable global and local information, entertainment and social networking to anyone, anywhere, using any mobile phone. The XLBrowser has a rich graphical user interface that looks like a simple web browser, but communicates under the skins via SMS, therefore, it is available on the vast majority of low-end, inexpensive handsets (which are predominant in these markets) and enables ubiquitous mobile access to digital information in a fast and reliable manner where none existed before. The XLBrowser’s simple and intuitive interface, allows a user to easily select and instantly receive up-to-the-minute access to a wide array of services, including: email, Yellow Pages, Facebook, global and local news, sports, weather, local events, commodity prices, farming tips, finance, entertainment, games, music and much more – all with minimal effort, immediate results and for the low price of an SMS!

Mobile-XL alone is uniquely positioned to provide valuable and relevant local content from emerging markets that is not yet available online, content that is generally taken for granted in the rest of the world. With this vast assortment of valuable, relevant and popular global and local content, Mobile-XL is building the ecosystem that is to become THE platform for digital information and shaping an environment that has never before existed. The company is providing the key players in the mobile and digital space within these markets (operators, device manufacturers and content providers) with a single point of contact and a turnkey product that ultimately benefits the end user, while delivering a tangible solution that will catapult the mobile Value Added Services business to new levels.

About Mobile-XL: Mobile-XL is a California-based technology company focused on building value added services to mobile users worldwide. Mobile-XL’s mission is to bridge the digital divide by connecting families, friends, communities and businesses using the ubiquitous SMS channel. Mobile-XL is a participant in the $70B global messaging business. Mobile messaging accounts for nearly 80% of wireless operator data revenues. In emerging markets, like Africa and the Middle East, mobile messaging is the fastest growing segment because it is affordable and widely available. To this day, the only reliable form of communication is via cell phone voice and SMS text messaging. Access to internet remains out of reach for the masses; where it is available, it is expensive and unreliable. Mobile-XL products are revolutionary in providing connectivity and tools for empowerment to areas with limited or expensive internet access. For more information, please visit

About Orange Cameroon: The leading provider of mobile telephony and wireless services launched in 2000, Orange Cameroon boasts today over 3MM subscribers with a diversified range of services from telephony, data services including broadband internet access and a host of value added solutions. With nationwide coverage, Orange has grown to be more than a mobile operator and has established itself as a leading brand in the country with mass appeal that reflects a strong local identity, a favorable market presence, strong core values, innovation and an always positive outlook on the telecom industry that it has greatly influenced and is constantly improving. For more information, please visit

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