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  • Immediate, affordable access to mobile content for any GPRS enabled mobile phone globally.

    The XLBrowser™ breaks the technology barrier between the mobile Internet and all mobile users by enabling them to participate in the mobile web at the low cost of texting. After seamlessly downloading the XLBrowser™, any mobile user will get immediate access to social media, local and national news, music updates and even access email!

    See what people are saying about the XLBrowser™

    • my gprs connection on my phone was down because of these horrible networks here in Kenya and I wanted to urgently check the score of the ManU game. I used XL and won my bet. Cool…

    • finally an application that allows me to get local business directory. It was about time

    • as a small business owner, I think the function where I can update my company info and get listed in the local yellow pages is pretty helpful. Consumers can find me now

    • it's great, I can access my Facebook account on my Nokia 2600.

    • Most people I see using Facebook have an expensive phone and they brag about it but I don't see the point of having an expensive phone

    • thanks for giving us such a user friendly experience when we read our hotmail emails. And this is available all the time, even now at 11PM

    • I really appreciate your jokes, they are very funny, they make me laugh so much

    • thanks for telling us how corrupted politicians are here in Kenya, I will always follow the news through XL now, at least you tell us the truth

    • I found out about a new night club from XL, I did not even know about this joint. Pretty cool

    • I just used your flight info service, quite helpful and accurate. Kudos!!

    • how are you able to update the scores of the soccer matches so fast?

    • I follow the music charts every week but I think Beyonce should not be #1 anymore